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  • Full Assembly Locking Lever Pump Couplings

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  • Radiator Brush

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  • Victory 4″ Roller Cover, 1/2″ nap

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  • ADA – EXCEL Rotating hoist ring, grade 8

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  • StripeMaster Handle

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  • G-4161 – Green Bow Shackle SC, Standard bow shackle with screw collar pin

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About Daubner

Daubner is an industrial supply company offering


Paint Brushes and Rollers. All professional grade and made in Germany.

Rigging and lifting products, wire rope and chain attachments

SharpWire to tie containment tarp

Jason Industrial Hose, Couplings and Accessories


Daubner’s superior line of products provide industrial paint contractors with supplies that ensure efficiency, peak performance and unmatched longevity for their customers.

We offer products at very competitive prices, but the real savings are in the high performance and the achievable productivity.